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Edward Koren, Cartoonist, The New Yorker Magazine

An Appreciation of Koren, by Calvin Trillin

"I knew Ed Koren before his pen broke. I only wish I could remember precisely how he drew then. Imagine knowing El Greco before his astigmatism and not being able to remember whether his paintings in those days were filled with cuddly little fat people! Did Koren, before his weapon began missing like a Pontiac in need of new spark plugs, produce what the trade calls a “clean line”? (I realize that serious art historians might find it inappropriate that I compare Koren to El Greco – knowing, as they do, that Koren has never done a saint. On the other hand..."

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On Cartooning, by Ed Koren

""In my cartoon drawings, I like getting things right... What captures my attention is all the human theater around me. I can never quite believe my luck in stumbling upon riveting minidramas taking place within earshot (and eyeshot), a comedy of manners that seems inexhaustible. And to be always undercover makes my practice of deep noticing more delicious. I can take in all the details as long as I appear inattentive – false moustache and dark glasses in place. All kinds of wonderful moments of comedy happen right under my nose..."

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