On Exhibit


Cartoon Prints

These prints approximate the size and drawing quality of the original drawings, which are very much reduced for publication, and where details might be overlooked.

Worship 10 A.M.

"Rufus here is the center of our life!"

"As a way of expressing our thanks, we offer this
modest honorarium."

"It's what he'd want, Mom - they're all together now."

"It's getting much harder for me to distinguish good
from evil. All I'm certain is what's appropriate and
what's inappropriate."


"I like you in that one - it gives you an aura of

"Ballroom dancing helps us over our rough spots."

"We're really bonding now, aren't we dad?"

"That's one very boring salmon."

"I'm only a few miles from home. Could I borrow a

"Thank you, honey, for your vote of confidence in our
parenting decisions."

"To our divorces - powerful tools of capital formation."

"This will lighten your mood, Dick - every few minutes,
a baby boomer turns fifty."

"Don't think for a minute that I've mellowed!"

"You can see by its smile that this halibut was humanely